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Our Mission

It’s our focused mission to ensure that all of your employees excel beyond all expectations in air to air and ground communications by fostering a consciousness of safety in expeditious communication as required across all sectors of air transportation.

ICAO Standard English Courseware
ICAO Standard English Courseware™
ICAO Standard English Courseware™
Interactive Modules
Unlimited Access to Aviation English Lessons
Test For Understanding in Aviation English Grammar
Aviation English E-Learning Platform
ICAO Standard English Courseware™
Interactive Video Modules for Aviation English
Check for Understanding
ICAO Standard English Courseware™
All-In-One Aviation English Learning Management System
Picture Description and Grammar Structure
Supplemental Materials
Interactive Audio Lessons for Aviation English
ICAO Standard English Courseware
ICAO Standard English Lessons
ICAO Standard English Courseware
Aviation Courses for Pilots and Air Traffic Control Officers
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Aviation English Courseware


 Aviation English Modules

Are you looking to transform your fleet into the highest quality the industry has to offer?

Developed by aviation professionals with years of service in training the next generation of aviators. An in-depth approach to aviation phraseology and grammar structure.


Innovative Software-Free Solutions

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Earn an edge on the market with our robust software-free solutions that offer quality Aviation courses with state-of-the-art interactive modules. Benefit from quality assurance and get your pilots in the sky where they belong. Let's get results, today! 

Assess & Tailor For Success 

Specialized Courseware

Targeted Learning

When it comes to training, take the lead in assuring that your Flight Operations Division is operating at its most optimal level with an ICAO Level 6 proficiency.

Consultation rates are available for corporations of all levels and sectors of aviation transportation. Let's exceed industry standards and build a brighter future today!​

ICAO standard phraseology should be used whenever possible and required that when phraseology is not applicable, pilots and air traffic controllers should demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in plain language.

-- ICAO CIR 318

All-In-One Learning Management Systems For Aviation English Training 

Core Structure:


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